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The C. W. Woodworth Award is an annual award presented by the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America. This award, the PBESA's largest, is for achievement in entomology in the Pacific region of the United States over the previous ten years. The award is named in honor of Charles W. Woodworth and was established on June 25, 1968.[1] It is principally sponsored by Woodworth's great-grandson, Brian Holden, and his wife, Joann Wilfert, with additional support by Dr. Craig W. and Kathryn Holden, and Dr. Jim and Betty Woodworth.

Award recipients[edit]

Source: Entomological Society of America

List of recipients
2022 Dr. Mark Hoddle University of California, Riverside 54th
2021 Dr. Kent Daane University of California, Kearney Research and Extension Center 53nd
2020 Dr. Lynn Kimsey University of California, Davis 52nd
2019 Dr. Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell University of California, Riverside 51st
2018 Dr. Roger Vargas USDA Agricultural Research Service, Hilo 50th
2017 Dr. Gerhard & Dr. Regine Gries Simon Fraser University 49th
2016 Dr. Timothy Paine University of California, Riverside 48th
2015 Dr. Thomas W. Scott [2] University of California, Davis 47th
2014 Dr. James R. Carey University of California, Davis 46th
2013 Dr. Vincent P. Jones Washington State University 45th
2012 Dr. Stephan Naranjo USDA Agricultural Research Service, Maricopa 44th
2011 Dr. Frank G. Zalom University of California, Davis 43rd
2010 Dr. Walter S. Leal University of California, Davis 42nd
2009 Dr. Charles G. Summers University of California, Kearney Research and Extension Center 41st
2008 Dr. Brian Federici University of California, Riverside 40th
2007 Dr. Nick Toscano University of California, Riverside 39th
2006 Dr. Jocelyn Millar University of California, Riverside 38th
2005 Dr. John D. Stark Washington State University 37th
2004 Dr. Victoria Y. Yokoyama USDA Agricultural Research Service, Parlier 36th
2003 Dr. Keith S. Pike Washington State University 35th
2002 Dr. James Hagler USDA Western Cotton Research Laboratory 34th
2001 Dr. Robert S. Lane University of California, Berkeley 33rd
2000 Dr. Jay F. Brunner Washington State University 32nd
1999 Dr. Wyatt W. Cone Washington State University 31st
1998 Dr. Harry Kaya University of California, Davis 30th
1997 Dr. Jacqueline L. Robertson USDA Pacific Southwest Research Station 29th
1996 Dr. Marshall W. Johnson University of California, Riverside 28th
1995 Dr. Nabil N. Youssef Utah State University 27th
1994 Dr. Michael K. Rust University of California, Riverside 26th
1993 Dr. Brian Croft Oregon State University 25th
1992 Dr. Wallace C. Mitchell University of Hawaii, Manoa 24th
1991 Dr. Thomas F. Leigh University of California, Davis 23rd
1990 Dr. Philip F. Torchio Utah State University 22nd
1989 Dr. Stanley C. Hoyt Washington State University 21st
1988 Dr. John R. Anderson North Carolina State University 20th
1987 Dr. Robert Washino University of California, Davis 19th
1986 Dr. Roy Fukuto University of California, Riverside 18th
1985 Dr. Carl A. Johansen Washington State University 17th
1983 Dr. George Tamaki USDA ARS, Yakima 15th
1982 Dr. Paul Oman Oregon State University 14th
1981 Dr. Harry Laidlaw University of California, Davis 13th
1980 Dr. George P. Georghiou University of California, Riverside 12th
1979 Dr. William G. Wellington University of British Columbia 11th
1978 Dr. William Harry Lange Jr. University of California, Davis 10th
1977 Dr. Paul DeBach University of California, Riverside 9th
1976 Dr. D. Elmo Hardy University of California, Berkeley 8th
1975 Dr. Melville H. Hatch University of Washington 7th
1974 Dr. Walter Ebeling University of California, Los Angeles 6th
1973 Dr. Carl Barton Huffaker University of California, Berkeley 5th
1972 Dr. Hartford Keifer Department of Food and Agriculture, CA 4th
1971 Dr. Ray F. Smith University of California, Berkeley 3rd
1970 Dr. Walter Carter Pineapple Research Institute 2nd
1969 Dr. Maurice T. James Washington State University 1st

A box containing the older records of the PBESA and which likely contains the names of the first few recipients of the award is located in the special collections section of the library at U.C. Davis.

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